Photographer of the Year Awards 2013

Gemma Dawks Awards Night

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On Friday 31st January hubby and I headed up to Crewe Hall (through a lot of traffic) for The Guild of Photographers annual awards night.  We got there in just enough to time to get ready and head down for the welcome buck’s fizz before going through for dinner and presentations.  It was fantastic to have my husband with me for moral support and knowing that my mum and friend were looking after the kids meant I really had no excuse to chicken out at the last minute.




It was also great to know that one of my best friends and amazing photographer Charlotte Bellamy was going to be there as the defending champion for All-Round Photographer of the Year 2012 (needless to say she did exceptionally well scooping up lots of awards and retaining her title)!  So after we found Charlie and her husband, we grabbed our drinks and headed to our table for a lovely dinner followed by the awards presentations!  The awards are based on a total of the scores over the entire year’s entries from the Image of the Month Competitions.  This year The Guild had received approximately 10,000 entries over the 12 months across 3 categories!


Gemma Dawks Award Winning Photographer

This was my first full year with The Guild and the first year I’d entered any images for their Image of the Month Competition.  First up for me was the Open Category with fingers crossed tightly I listened as they first called out the names of all those placed in the Top Ten (in no particular order).  Whoop whoop!  I’d done it!  My first year of entering and I’ve received an International Top Ten Photographer Award for the Open Category, coming in 5th place!




Gemma Dawks - Member of The Photographers BarNext up for me was to find out if I’d made membership to “The Photographers Bar” described by The Guild as “A unique distinction awarded to very few photographers who have succesfully had images assessed by the Guild over the course of a year, and attained a score equating to an award for each entry made, thereby evidencing an exceptional level of prefessional skill and consistency.”  Yay me!!! I was one of only 26 members from the Guild that made it into The Bar!!


Gemma Dawks awards


Finally and unexpectedly they started calling out the names for the All-round Photographer of the Year and the corresponding Top Ten.  This award is where they combine your scores from the year from 2 categories.  I was there!!! I’d made The Top Ten!!

Award Winning Photographers




It was an incredible night with amazing company and I’m already looking forward to next year.  The only question is whether I can do as well in 2014 as I did in 2013 (and will I still have willing babysitters after this year)!!


Gemma Dawks Awards

Yay Me!!









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