Our last day in the Netherlands had to be spent with the windmills.  So we headed to Zaanse Schans where they have working windmills.

Other than the amazing smell of chocolate (which we never found the source of…) what struck me immediately was how they were right next to a really busy city!  But I soon forgot about that once I was wandering along the paths following a trail of tourists all admiring the beautiful windmills.



and some phone snaps!


We then stopped off for a quick lunch in Volendam before heading back to the airport.  Volendam reminded me of Padstow in Cornwall, a lovely little seaside tourist town :)


So that was it, time to head home.  I had the most amazing time with two of my best friends.  This trip was my first girly holiday and it was fabulous, I think I might have to do it again sometime!  From a professional view, it’s also given me a taste for more.  I’ve learnt that photography doesn’t just have to be about serious images, simple edits and just capturing the moment can be just as beautiful and not only that, they’re also fun to create!


Here is a little gallery of some of the highlights from my trip to the Netherlands:




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Dank u wel! xx


p.s if anyone knows what the source of the amazing chocolate smell is at Zaanse Schans please let me know!




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