Day 3 of my trip to the Netherlands was the long awaited trip to Keukenhoff the land of tulips!  And we started off with a little glimpse at the last few patches of tulips growing in the fields.  Most had already been chopped off and shipped off all around the world but there were a couple of rows still to see.

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Keukenhoff tulips - Gemma Dawks Photography
Red as far as the eye can see
Keukenhoff tulips - Gemma Dawks Photography
The last few pretty pink tulips

Keukenhoff itself was stunning.  There were flowers absolutely everywhere and not just tulips!

Some of the tulips didn’t even look like tulips, these ones reminded me of lilies

And these were my favourite, big fluffy heads that reminded me of peonies!  Needless to say I picked up some of these bulbs to bring home ;)

Keukenhoff part 2 will follow soon!



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