Free Mother’s Day Crafty Downloads

Unfortunately I’ve run out of time to get my mini-mumz & mini-granz ready for their reveal before Mother’s Day, so I thought I could offer up a Free Mother’s Day Crafty Download instead!

I’m offering up a free colouring in template for a Mother’s Day card for Mummy’s and also one for Grandma’s.  There’s also a Mother’s Day paper bunting template to add to your collection from my earlier paper bunting download blog post.


Mother's Day Free Crafty Download

Print out as many copies as you like.

The links can be found at the bottom of this post, just click on them to open a pdf file in a new window.  You can print as many copies as you like for personal use.  If your printer can handle card, you can print the cards directly onto it.  If not you could always print the cards onto paper and them glue them down onto card after they’ve been coloured in.  Although, they do look just as cute on paper :)


Colour them in

Colour them in

After you’ve printed them, just colour them in.


keep colouring

Keep colouring

You could embelish them with glitter and sequins and any other lovely bits you like!


why not personalise the stickmen on the back?

why not personalise the stickmen on the back?

I added a little bit on the back of the card, I thought it would be a cute idea to colour in the stickmen.


All coloured

What a lot of colouring!

All that colouring and decorating should keep them busy for a while.


Cut them out

Cut them out

Once they’ve been decorated they need to be cut out, be careful to cut out the diamond shapes of the bunting, not the triangles.


Fold the bunting diamond over a piece of string or ribbon and glue

Fold the bunting diamond over a piece of string or ribbon and glue

The cards just need to be folded in half, but the bunting is a little trickier.  The bunting diamond needs to be folded over a piece of string or ribbon and then glued down to leave the decorated side facing up.  To see the original post with full instructions on how to make the paper bunting you can click here.


All finished

All finished

And there you have it, some lovely simple home-made items to make any mum or grandma smile on Mother’s Day :)



Download your free I ♥ mummy card here Mummy Card Download
Download your free I ♥ grandma card here Grandma Card Download
Download your free Mother’s Day bunting here Mother’s Day Bunting Download
Download your free original paper bunting download here Original Paper Bunting Download

View the original paper bunting blog post with tutorial here.



These downloads are free for personal use.

Please share, but always link back to this blog post.
Thank You :)



Free Mini Paper Bunting Download

Enjoy this little paper bunting freebie from me (download link at bottom of post).  It should help to keep the little ones occupied (for at least half an hour) over this cold and wet half term. :)



You will need:

  • Printed copies of the Mini Paper Bunting Download (as many as you like)
  • Colouring pens/pencils/glitter/decorations/anything your creative heart desires
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String/Ribbon



First you need to decorate/colour in the little bunting triangles.  I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy sitting at the table and colouring in with my son.  He’s a perfectionist, painstakingly colouring in within the lines and choosing the right colours.  I don’t know who he get’s it from…

After you’ve coloured in all your flags it’s time to cut them out.  Cut along the outside of the diamond shapes, DO NOT cut across the middle.  After they’ve been cut out you need to fold them in half across the middle along the grey line (which is probably covered in your beautiful colouring in by now) keeping your artwork on the outside.



Open the diamond back up to glue the inside and then get your string or ribbon (I used some old string I found in the kitchen) and place it across the fold.  Fold the gluey sides back onto each other and voila!  You have the first bunting triangle on your string!  Repeat this for the rest of your diamonds, leaving a gap between each flag.



Finally hang your bunting and be proud!!  I hope you and your children enjoy this free mini paper bunting download.  I’d love to see any pictures of finished strings hanging up :)


Download your free Mini Paper Bunting Pattern here

Please share, but always link back to this blog post.
Thank You :)