I don’t know if you’ll have seen the latest craze to sweep the World, I spotted it late into last years season, so when I spotted a couple of friends at it again this year, I just had to join in.  Although I love Dinovember, the pressure to keep that up was too much, but with my 10 year old boy starting to question the magic of Christmas and my 3 year old not yet understanding what it was all about, I knew my time was limited.  Then in flew Crinkles.  Our own special magic Christmas Elf on The Shelf.

He arrived with a  letter from Santa and found one of my Phoenix Trading colouring in table cloths that he started off for the boys.


He continued his reign of Christmas wonderment with breakfast mayhem, marshmallow snowball fights, toilet papering the living room…


He’s made lots of friends with the cuddly toys that live downstairs and surprisingly also the dinosaurs!


Reindeer skittles, baking, elfies on the iPad and downloading the annual video messages from Santa.


And he finished off with a big party with all the toys!  Apparently he’s been such a  good elf that Santa has said he can stay with us rather than needing to go back to the North Pole.  But Santa has taken his magic away for now and he needs to look after the Christmas things.  Then next December he gets to do it all again.


It’s been a wonderful Christmas, hearing the squawks from my eldest as he discovered the latest antics and my youngest hunting around trying to find out what Crinkles had been up to.  Our elf seems to have always had good intentions, even if he did end up making a little mess along the way, there were others that I’ve heard about that haven’t been quite so good…. ;)

One of the clinchers for my eldest has definitely been the letters he’s received from Santa’s workshop.  I know there are a lot of busy elves out there at Christmas so I think next year (time allowing) I will have to create some templates for all those busy elves to use.  Keep an eye out at the end of November and the beginning of December next year.

And that just leaves me to say:




Merry Christmas!!

Gemma x

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