The Netherlands – Day 4

Our last day in the Netherlands had to be spent with the windmills.  So we headed to Zaanse Schans where they have working windmills.


Keukenhoff part 2

Keukenhoff was extraordinary, I love tulips, their bright splash of colour after a long and cold winter is always what the doctor ordered.  And Keukenhoff delivered tulips by the bucket load and more!  Everywhere you look there’s more and more and more and I went at the end of the season, I can only imagine how spectacular it is in the middle of the season. (more…)

Keukenhoff part 1

Day 3 of my trip to the Netherlands was the long awaited trip to Keukenhoff the land of tulips!  And we started off with a little glimpse at the last few patches of tulips growing in the fields.  Most had already been chopped off and shipped off all around the world but there were a couple of rows still to see.

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