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Aside from my fine art style floral photography, I’ve been a bit quiet about the photography side of my business until now.  That’s primarily because my illustrations have been so incredibly popular that all of my time is being taken up between them and my bespoke design work.  Photography however has been a life long passion of mine, I’ll go into a little more detail in a later blog post.  But to give you an idea of how long I’ve enjoyed photography, I can remember my very first and even my second camera and I’ve spent many happy hours in the darkroom with my fingers crossed, hoping that in the pitch black I got the film onto the reel correctly and used the right chemicals, all in pre-digital days!

In the summer I joined the fantastic association The Guild of Photographers but it was only in January that I finally managed to find the time to enter their monthly competition and submitted 3 images for individual assessment by a panel of judges.


bronze-award-jan13 copy

My First (and hopefully not my last) Bronze Bar.

A score of 50% is where they draw their line for professional standard with bars being awarded for bronze (70%), silver (75%), gold (80%) and platinum (85%).  Since joining the guild, I’m not aware of anyone being awarded a platinum in the monthly competitions.  There’s only been a few golds (less than one a month) and each month there’s only a handful of silvers.


One that got away!  Short of a bronze bar by 0.5%!!

One that got away! Short of a bronze bar by 0.5%!!


For my first submissions I decided to enter 3 very different images.  And I’m thrilled with my scores.  I got my first (and hopefully not my last) bronze bar, I missed out on another bronze by just 0.5% and yet another by just 1.5% and was given some valuable feedback on those that missed the bar.


The other one that got away - missed the bronze bar by 1.5%

The other one that got away – missed the bronze bar by 1.5%


I now have just 1 week to meet February’s deadline for submissions, so what will I put forward this time?!?!

Free Mini Paper Bunting Download

Enjoy this little paper bunting freebie from me (download link at bottom of post).  It should help to keep the little ones occupied (for at least half an hour) over this cold and wet half term. :)



You will need:

  • Printed copies of the Mini Paper Bunting Download (as many as you like)
  • Colouring pens/pencils/glitter/decorations/anything your creative heart desires
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String/Ribbon



First you need to decorate/colour in the little bunting triangles.  I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy sitting at the table and colouring in with my son.  He’s a perfectionist, painstakingly colouring in within the lines and choosing the right colours.  I don’t know who he get’s it from…

After you’ve coloured in all your flags it’s time to cut them out.  Cut along the outside of the diamond shapes, DO NOT cut across the middle.  After they’ve been cut out you need to fold them in half across the middle along the grey line (which is probably covered in your beautiful colouring in by now) keeping your artwork on the outside.



Open the diamond back up to glue the inside and then get your string or ribbon (I used some old string I found in the kitchen) and place it across the fold.  Fold the gluey sides back onto each other and voila!  You have the first bunting triangle on your string!  Repeat this for the rest of your diamonds, leaving a gap between each flag.



Finally hang your bunting and be proud!!  I hope you and your children enjoy this free mini paper bunting download.  I’d love to see any pictures of finished strings hanging up :)


Download your free Mini Paper Bunting Pattern here

Please share, but always link back to this blog post.
Thank You :)


New Wedding Range

Aside from one wedding project for a previous client of mine, I’ve not ventured into the crazy world of weddings yet.  But then I realised just how unique my printed interchangeable bunting is and also that I have the ability to create bespoke printed bunting flags.  Bespoke printed bunting flags… my mind was whirring with possibilities, but the first one that shouted (very loudly) at me was most definitely Weddings!!

wedding bunting

Because I print all my bunting onto 270gsm art canvas myself, I can create one off designs, and also customise and personalise existing designs.  My plan is to create a range specific to weddings (you could however select any existing bunting design) that could be customised with your wedding colour palette and fonts to tie in with your wedding style and themes.  Of course, if you wanted to go truly bespoke I could design anything your heart desired and print it onto a bunting triangle!

The real beauty of my bunting is that it can be swapped and changed with just a couple of ‘pops’!  You could keep your wedding bunting and then add extra flags to it, perhaps when the two of you become three(?!).  It would look stunning in your children’s nursery with additional bunting flags added, whether extra patterned bunting flags or even some of the original illustrated range of bunting.

wedding monogram

But why stop at the bunting.  I also plan to have a selection of standard fonts and designs that could be customised to your wedding colours to create a special monogram.  Making it a pick and mix style of designing and therefore keeping the costs to you down.  This monogram can then be carried across the entire stationery range, for example, save the date cards, invites, order of service, table plans, decorations (<– bunting!!), thank you cards….

It will be a while before I fine tune what is currently another exciting idea buzzing around my head into a smooth streamlined wedding wonder.  But I’m really excited about heading into this market and can’t wait to get started!


Wedding Cake Couple


With Thanks to
Lemon House Photography – website & facebook
Andy P Photography – facebook
for their wedding images.

The First


The first blog post, it ought to be the best or most important.  It needs to be witty and engaging, thought provoking and inspirational.

No pressure then!

Well I think my first post should be a simple “Hello”

hello my name is Gemma